Abhishek Sawarkar

Abhishek Sawarkar is responsible for the development and presentation of deep learning-focused content on the NVIDIA Riva SDK. His background is in computer vision and machine learning but currently he is working on the entire Riva multi-modal pipeline featuring ASR, NLP, TTS, and CV. He is a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering.

Posts by Abhishek Sawarkar

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Building Transcription and Entity Recognition Apps Using NVIDIA Riva

Build a web app that can transcribe speech from a live video chat and tag key phrases in the transcript. We also show you how to train an NER model. 19 MIN READ
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Achieving Noise-Free Audio for Virtual Collaboration and Content Creation Applications

The Maxine Audio Effects SDK enables applications that integrate features such as noise removal and room echo removal. 11 MIN READ
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Accelerating Inference with Sparsity Using the NVIDIA Ampere Architecture and NVIDIA TensorRT

○ TensorRT is an SDK for high-performance deep learning inference, and TensorRT 8.0 introduces support for sparsity that uses sparse tensor cores on NVIDIA Ampere GPUs. It can accelerate networks by reducing the computation of zeros present in GEMM operations in neural networks. You get a performance gain compared to dense networks by just following the steps in this post. 8 MIN READ
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Continuously Improving Recommender Systems for Competitive Advantage Using NVIDIA Merlin and MLOps

This posts shares how NVIDIA Merlin components fit into a complete MLOps pipeline to operationalize a recommendation system, and continuously deliver improvements in production. 12 MIN READ
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Accelerating Conversational AI Research with New Cutting-Edge Neural Networks and Features from NeMo 1.0

The 1.0 update brings significant architectural, code quality, and documentation improvements as well as a plethora of new state-of-the-art neural networks and pretrained checkpoints in several languages. 9 MIN READ
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Deploying a Natural Language Processing Service on a Kubernetes Cluster with Helm Charts from NVIDIA NGC

Conversational AI solutions such as chatbots are now deployed in the data center, on the cloud, and at the edge to deliver lower latency and high quality of… 12 MIN READ