Abhishek Sawarkar

Abhishek Sawarkar is responsible for the development and presentation of deep learning-focused content on the NVIDIA Riva SDK. His background is in computer vision and machine learning but currently he is working on the entire Riva multi-modal pipeline featuring ASR, NLP, TTS, and CV. He is a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering.
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Posts by Abhishek Sawarkar

Data Center / Cloud

Train Your AI Model Once and Deploy on Any Cloud with NVIDIA and Run:ai

Organizations are increasingly adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to access the latest compute resources, consistently support worldwide customers, and... 7 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Building a Computer Vision Application to Recognize Human Activities

Advances in computer vision models are providing deeper insights to make our lives increasingly productive, our communities safer, and our planet cleaner.... 9 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Building Transcription and Entity Recognition Apps Using NVIDIA Riva

In the past several months, many of us have grown accustomed to seeing our doctors over a video call. It’s certainly convenient, but after the call ends,... 19 MIN READ
Video Streaming / Conferencing

Achieving Noise-Free Audio for Virtual Collaboration and Content Creation Applications

With audio and video streaming, conferencing, and telecommunication on the rise, it has become essential for developers to build applications with outstanding... 11 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Accelerating Inference with Sparsity Using the NVIDIA Ampere Architecture and NVIDIA TensorRT

This post was updated July 20, 2021 to reflect NVIDIA TensorRT 8.0 updates. When deploying a neural network, it's useful to think about how the network could be... 8 MIN READ
Recommenders / Personalization

Continuously Improving Recommender Systems for Competitive Advantage Using NVIDIA Merlin and MLOps

Recommender systems are a critical resource for enterprises that are relentlessly striving to improve customer engagement. They work by suggesting potentially... 12 MIN READ