Ajay Thorve

Ajay Thorve is a software engineer at Nvidia, part of the Visualization team in the RAPIDS organization. Ajay’s background is in full-stack development & Data Science and interests primarily include JavaScript/TypeScript & Python. Currently, Ajay’s work in the RAPIDS viz team mainly focuses on contributing to the cuXfilter and node-rapids projects.

Posts by Ajay Thorve

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GPU Accelerating Node.js JavaScript for Visualization and Beyond

NVIDIA GTC21 had numerous great and engaging contents, especially around RAPIDS, so it would be easy to miss our debut presentation “ Using RAPIDS to Accelerate… 6 MIN READ
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Making a Plotly Dash Census Viz Powered by RAPIDS

The use of Plotly's Dash, RAPIDS, and Data shader allows users to build viz dashboards that both render datasets of 300 million+ rows and remain highly interactive without the need for precomputed aggregations. 9 MIN READ
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Interactively Visualizing a DriveTime Radius from Any Point in the US

In this blog post, we’ll explore how RAPIDS’ cuDF, cuGraph, cuSpatial, and Plotly Dash with NVIDIA GPUs can be used to solve these complex geospatial analytics problems interactively. 8 MIN READ