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Allison Gray is a Solutions Architect in the Federal team at NVIDIA. She supports customers using GPUs for deep learning and geospatial information systems.
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Simulation / Modeling / Design

Deploying Deep Neural Networks with NVIDIA TensorRT

Editor's Note: An updated version of this, with additional tutorial content, is now available. See "How to Speed Up Deep Learning Using TensorRT". NVIDIA... 11 MIN READ
SpaceNet Aerial Imagery
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Exploring the SpaceNet Dataset Using DIGITS

DigitalGlobe, CosmiQ Works and NVIDIA recently announced the launch of the SpaceNet online satellite imagery repository. This public dataset of high-resolution... 16 MIN READ
Data Science

Production Deep Learning with NVIDIA GPU Inference Engine

[Update September 13, 2016: GPU Inference Engine is now TensorRT] Today at ICML 2016, NVIDIA announced its latest Deep Learning SDK updates, including DIGITS... 13 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

NVIDIA and IBM Cloud Support ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge

This year’s ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) is about to begin. Every year, organizers from the University of North Carolina at... 7 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Easy Multi-GPU Deep Learning with DIGITS 2

DIGITS is an interactive deep learning development tool for data scientists and researchers, designed for rapid development and deployment of an optimized deep... 9 MIN READ

Get Ready for the Low-Power Image Recognition Challenge with Jetson TK1

Image recognition and GPUs go hand-in-hand, particularly when using deep neural networks (DNNs). The strength of GPU-based DNNs for image recognition has been... 5 MIN READ