Ashraf Eassa

Ashraf Eassa is a senior product marketing manager within the NVIDIA Accelerated Computing group.

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Full-Stack Innovation Fuels Highest MLPerf Inference 2.1 Results for NVIDIA

Today’s AI-powered applications are enabling richer experiences, fueled by both larger and more complex AI models as well as the application of many models in... 14 MIN READ
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Upgrading Multi-GPU Interconnectivity with the Third-Generation NVIDIA NVSwitch

Increasing demands in AI and high-performance computing (HPC) are driving a need for faster, more scalable interconnects with high-speed communication between... 13 MIN READ
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Inside NVIDIA Grace CPU: NVIDIA Amps Up Superchip Engineering for HPC and AI

NVIDIA Grace CPU is the first data center CPU developed by NVIDIA. It has been built from the ground up to create the world’s first superchips.  Designed... 10 MIN READ
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The Full Stack Optimization Powering NVIDIA MLPerf Training v2.0 Performance

MLPerf benchmarks are developed by a consortium of AI leaders across industry, academia, and research labs, with the aim of providing standardized, fair, and... 14 MIN READ
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Fueling High-Performance Computing with Full-Stack Innovation

High-performance computing (HPC) has become the essential instrument of scientific discovery.  Whether it is discovering new, life-saving drugs, battling... 8 MIN READ
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Saving Time and Money in the Cloud with the Latest NVIDIA-Powered Instances

AI is transforming every industry, enabling powerful new applications and use cases that simply weren’t possible with traditional software. As AI continues to... 9 MIN READ