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AI Technology Helps Drones Sense and Avoid Obstacles

Iris Automation, a Vancouver-based startup, raised $1.5M to bring their technology to industrial-type drones.
Using NVIDIA GPUs on the Amazon cloud to train their deep learning models and a Jetson TX1 onboard the UAV, Iris’ technology analyzes and draws insights from videos captured by the drone’s cameras in real-time. Its system has a detection range of over 500 meters, significantly farther than what others can currently do.
“We’re designing this to work like a human pilot’s vision and decision-making process,” says Iris Automation CEO and co-founder Alexander Harmsen.

Iris Automation’s artificial intelligence module combines 3D maps and real-time images to avoid mid-air collisions.

The company mentions that industrial drones need a special collision avoidance system versus consumer drones, since they need to cover long distances and capture video of expansive infrastructure that doesn’t show up on a street map, such as a change in weather or new construction.
An Iris investor believes their technology is applicable beyond drones and can be used for other situational awareness systems in cars or ships.
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