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AI Helps Instantly Copy Your Car or Home Keys

New York-based startup KeyMe recently raised $20 million in a Series B funding for their technologically advanced in-store kiosks that allows you to instantly print keys.
Founder and CEO Greg Marsh said his goal is “disrupting the locksmith industry” by creating a key duplication service that’s more convenient, more affordable and even more accurate than existing services — traditional locksmiths have an error rate of 15 to 20 percent, while KeyMe’s error rate is a “single digit percent.”
Under the hood
Using TITAN Xp GPUs and the cuDNN-accelerated TensorFlow deep learning framework, the engineers at KeyMe trained their neural networks on thousands of new key types which are then used to automatically match the key’s teeth from a 3D image generated by the multiple cameras located inside the kiosk. A blog on their website provides a bit more background on their technology.
Their algorithms are able to take a worn key, identify what the wear points should look like if it was brand new, and then replace those portions of the key that are missing to be able to print a key as if it were new.

The automated kiosks are located across the United States at a variety of retailers including 7-Eleven, Bed Bath & Beyond, Rite Aid and Kmart.
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