Video Storage Toolkit (VST) is a new SDK written from the ground up to facilitate development of IVA applications. VST works as a middleman between your cameras and your IVA application offering camera and stream management and storage. Easily integrate with your IVA application using the VST REST APIs. Manage your resources using the reference Web UI interface.

Key Features of VST 1.1

  • Hardware accelerated Toolkit: Video decoding, streaming and storage
  • REST APIs and DeepStream reference app
  • Web based User Interface and Dashboard
  • Camera Management & Settings with support for ONVIF-S auto discovery
  • Storage Management

Please note that you must be a registered NVIDIA developer in order to join the program.

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NVIDIA Jetson NX, Jetson AGX and Jetson AGX Orin
Operating System Ubuntu 20.04
Software Dependencies JetPack 5.0.2