Learn about the powerful NVIDIA® Tegra® mobile processor for Android, Linux, Windows and embedded systems and get the latest free mobile development tools to take your games and applications to the next level.

The NVIDIA Tegra processor powers the most advanced smartphones, tablets, gaming portables, and luxury vehicles in the world. Tegra is a system-on-a-chip (SoC) comprising CPU, GPU and image, video & sound processing cores in a highly energy efficient package that runs a variety of operating systems including Android, Linux and Windows.

Android Development

NVIDIA creates a suite of tools and utilities to provide a professional Android development experience. The Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) is the perfect companion for developing native Android applications, installing all of the software tools required to develop across most Android devices and optimize for NVIDIA’s Tegra processor.

For information on Android TV, check out the Android TV Developer Guide.



Get the latest development tools, system specs and OS releases for NVIDIA SHIELD; the ultimate Android gaming device and Android development platform featuring a Tegra processor, HD display, multipoint touchscreen and integrated game controller, all encased in a package that's ready for life on the go.


Tegra Hardware & Embedded Information

Tegra Technical Reference Manuals, automotive and hardware partner links, and Tegra open source information.



NVIDIA GameWorks pushes the limits of gaming, simulation and 3D apps, providing a more interactive and cinematic experience, redefining next-gen gaming through tools and technologies that supercharge 3D visuals.


Linux 4 Tegra

The latest kernel sources, OS images and developer samples for Linux 4 Tegra, NVIDIA's version of linux designed for the Tegra processor.


Tegra Developer Initiatives & Highlights

Count on NVIDIA Tegra Developer Tools to help deliver console-quality games, next-gen apps and unleash the raw power of the Tegra processor. NVIDIA Developer Tools is a collection of applications spanning desktop and mobile targets enabling developers to build, debug, profile and develop class leading and cutting edge software that utilizes the latest visual computing hardware from NVIDIA.


Best practices on developing for Android TV and preparing games and apps for game controllers like those found on NVIDIA SHIELD, next-gen mobile devices and microconsoles.


Get the latest GameWorks resources plus tools and downloads for NVIDIA Tegra devices.


Get developer information on the advanced stylus capabilities of the NVIDIA Tegra NOTE 7 tablet and other Tegra powered devices.


Watch sessions detailing how to best use NVIDIA's developer tools to debug and optimize games and real-time graphics applications for Windows, Linux and Android.


Developer Assistance

The GameWorks Registered Developer Program is an important part of NVIDIA's commitment to the Tegra Developer community. This free program gives NVIDIA a way to provide pre-release information and content to developers and enable two-way communication about issues and feature requests. It also provides developers with the latest news, updates, tools, samples, and tips and tricks that aren't available to the general public.

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