StackIQ Boss for HPC with CUDA Pallet lets you build and deploy clusters that leverage NVIDIA GPUs for general purpose computing. By integrating the CUDA Pallet from NVIDIA with StackIQ Boss for HPC, users gain the benefits of rapid configuration, and reliable, predictable performance from their NVIDIA GPU cluster thanks to the parallel Avalanche installer, database driven library, and central operator’s console.

Key Features of StackIQ Boss for HPC with CUDA Pallet

  • Fast, easy provisioning and management of General Purpose GPU clusters
  • Access to complete library of commercial StackIQ Pallets
  • Updates, patches and upgrade protection for all StackIQ Pallets
  • Toll-free phone and email support including support for installation and configuration of open source Rocks Rolls


  • Clusters built using the CUDA Pallet and NVIDIA GPUs consistently outperform similarly configured CPU-based clusters.


  • Available now from StackIQ as part of the StackIQ Boss for HPC. A free download (for up to 16-nodes) is available.
  • Related available Pallets and Rolls:

    • Open Source Rolls: Kernel, Base, HPC, Web Server, Ganglia, etc.
    • StackIQ Pallets: Support Roll, OFED Pallet, Intel Pallet, PGI Pallet, etc.
    • Workload Management Pallet: Moab Pallet, PBS Pro Pallet, Univa Grid Engine Pallet, Torque Pallet.
  • StackIQ Boss for HPC is also available for Amazon EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud.

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