Adaptive Computing - Moab HPC Suite

Moab HPC Suite optimizes the value and usability of HPC systems while reducing management cost and complexity. Its patented intelligence engine uses multi-dimensional policies and advanced future modeling to optimize workload start and run times on diverse resources. These policies balance high utilization and throughput goals with competing workload priorities and SLA requirements, thereby accomplishing more work in less time and in the right priority order.

Key Features:

Moab HPC Suite can automatically detect NVIDIA GPUs and manage their allocation as a real resource. Users can request GPU resources in the same way they allocate processor resources (np).

Moab HPC Suite optimizes resource efficiency on heterogeneous clusters and aligns usage to SLAs that match business objectives.

  • Enhance scheduling decisions in complex environments.
  • Boost application performance through better resource matching.
  • Improve overall system utilization.
  • Get the controls necessary to efficiently share a cluster between multiple groups.

Align resource usage to business objectives, while still maintaining high utilization.


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