Getting Started With Jetson Platform Services

Looking for an easier way to accelerate development and deployment of your sophisticated edge AI applications? Jetson Platform Services, an integral component of NVIDIA JetPack™ SDK, delivers pre-built and customizable cloud-native software services to make it happen. Enterprises, systems integrators, and solution providers can use these modular, API-driven services to build generative AI and edge applications faster and with less effort.

Jetson Platform Services is an integral component of NVIDIA JetPack SDK software stack

Release Highlights

This latest release ofJetson Platform Services features:

  • 15+ services, including generative AI services, foundation services, and more

  • Streaming generative AI services for vision language model and zero-shot detection with APIs for dynamic prompting and stream update

  • DeepStream-based AI perception service for object detection and tracking with APIs for stream update

  • Media management and storage service with support for streaming protocol such as RTSP and WebRTC

  • Core foundation services like IoT Gateway, API Gateway, monitoring, and system bus

  • IoT services for secure edge-to-cloud connectivity and remote API invocation 

There are three workflows that highlight the usage and best practices for these platform services—AI NVR, generative AI-powered alerts, and detection. For more information about how to get started, refer to the Quick Start Guide.

Jetson Platform Services are now part of JetPack and can be downloaded using either the NVIDIA SDK Manager method or through a Debian package.

Follow the steps at Install Jetson Software With SDK Manager.

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