Jetson Modules

Commercial Module Available through
Jetson AGX Orin January 2028
Jetson Orin NX January 2028
Jetson Orin Nano January 2028
Jetson AGX Xavier January 2025
Jetson Xavier NXJanuary 2026
Jetson TX2 NX February 2026
Jetson TX2January 2025
Jetson NanoJanuary 2025
Industrial Module Available through
Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial July 2031
Jetson TX2i April 2028

Tegra Processors

Processor Available through
Tegra 2 industrial January 2024
Tegra 2 commercial January 2024
Tegra 3 industrial January 2024
Tegra 3 commercial January 2024
Tegra K1 industrial January 2024
Tegra K1 commercial January 2024

Product Change Notifications

Hardware component changes with possible corresponding software changes may occur during the product lifecycle (e.g. memory component updates). NVIDIA complies with JEDEC JESD-046 for notification requirements and posts public Product Change Notifications (PCNs) to the Jetson Download Center.

Product End of Life Notifications

Official End of Life notice will be sent a minimum of 8 months prior to the last shipment.

Jetson Developer Kits

NVIDIA does not specify Lifecycle information for Jetson developer kits, which are intended for software development and system prototyping, not production use. Learn more here.