NVIDIA DRIVE AGX™ is a scalable, open system that serves as a high-performance central compute platform for self-driving vehicles. It delivers industry-leading performance and energy-efficient computing for the development and production of functional safety, AI-powered cars, trucks, robotaxis, and more. DRIVE AGX systems are built on a single architecture, taking advantage of NVIDIA DRIVE® SDK to scale from advanced driver assistance to fully autonomous operation.

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    Resources for the DRIVE AGX DevKit

    Learn about your DRIVE AGX system using resources published in the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX SDK Program.


    Review hardware and software documentation about your platform. Learn more about what comes with your kit, how to install it in a vehicle, and what is provided in the DRIVE OS SDK.

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    Unbox & Set Up Your Platform

    Watch videos on unboxing and setting up your hardware, installing software with DRIVE Platform Docker Containers or SDK Manager, configuring your environment for development, and setup for bench and vehicle kits.

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    Ask questions and get answers in our developer forum.

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