The Tegra Note 7 tablet is equipped with the same best in class Tegra4 chip from NVIDIA. This is the same chip used in NVIDIA SHIELD making it one powerful tablet.

Great Development System

With Bluetooth controller support and HDMI out, this device also makes a great development platform for next generation Android games.  NVIDIA supports Tegra with some of the best profiling tools in the industry like Nsight Tegra and the TADP development environment which make it easy to develop Android games using Visual Studio.

If you want to develop for Android, NVIDIA has you covered with the best tools.

Direct Stylus

Touch screens are great for simple actions but for more refined input, such as might be needed when editing photographs or sketching, a stylus is better.  After market styluses typically can only mimic a human finger and are crude in terms of pressure sensitivity.  The DirectStylus works in conjunction with DirectTouch 2.0 which supports 300 scans per second (5 times the typical scan rate for a touch screen) improving accuracy and responsiveness.

Check out this video showing the performance of the stylus or head over to the NVIDIA.COM blog for more details.