Latest Update to Isaac SDK is Available for Download

NVIDIA announces the release of Isaac SDK 2020.2, an update that packs an essential set of robot tools and added capabilities for intralogistics applications. Developers will experience greater support from both our deeper software integration with Isaac Sim built on the Omniverse platform and hardware support from our partner ecosystem. 

This customer feedback-focused update to NVIDIA Isaac SDK, aims to help developers accelerate and build the next generation of AI-based robots. 

Key highlights for the Isaac SDK 2020.2 release include:

  • A new Factory-of-the-Future intralogistics application featuring configurable support for AMRs (navigation robots) and cobot (robot arms) in Isaac Sim™
  • New Isaac GEMs for robot manipulation and navigation 
  • Isaac engine functionality using Isaac Sight, a dockerized application to train a robot’s object pose perception with detection of abnormal localization state on Isaac Sim
  • Support for the NVIDIA Jetbot robot
  • An expanded ecosystem with driver support for industrial stereo cameras (from Framos Technologies and LIPS Corp), safety lidars and PLC from SICK, and Universal Robot’s robot arms

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