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Predicting How Images Influence Visual Reaction Speed

Imagine driving along a road and an obstacle suddenly appears in your path. How quickly can you react to it? How does your reaction speed change with the time... 5 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Jetson-based Robots Excel in DARPA Underground Competition

Performing real-time inference with high accuracy is a challenging task, especially in a poor-visibility environment. With NVIDIA Jetson embedded platforms,... 6 MIN READ
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Designing Robots with NVIDIA Isaac GEMs for ROS

NVIDIA Isaac GEMs for ROS provides a set of GPU-accelerated packages for your ROS2 application, improving throughput on image processing and DNN-based... 9 MIN READ
Image shows Carter V2 Mobile Robot with semantic Lidar in warehouse scene.
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NVIDIA Isaac ROS Delivers AI Perception to ROS Developers

Perceiving and understanding the surrounding world is a critical challenge for autonomous robots. In conjunction with ROS World 2021, NVIDIA announced its... 5 MIN READ