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Achieve up to 75% Performance Improvement for Communication Intensive HPC Applications with NVTAGS

NVTAGS automates intelligent GPU assignment by profiling HPC applications and launching them with a custom GPU assignment tailored to an application and system… 2 MIN READ

Accelerating IO in the Modern Data Center: Network IO

This is the second post in the Explaining Magnum IO series, which described the architecture, components, and benefits of Magnum IO, the IO subsystem of the… 19 MIN READ

Accelerating IO in the Modern Data Center: Magnum IO Architecture

Previously the boundary of the unit of computing, sheet metal no longer constrains the resources that can be applied to a single problem or the data set that… 10 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Rendering Perfect Reflections and Refractions in Path-Traced Games

Figure 1. Railgun trail reflects and refracts as a Quake II RTX player shoots the railgun from underwater. With the introduction of hardware-accelerated ray… 17 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Validating Distributed Multi-Node Autonomous Vehicle AI Training with NVIDIA DGX Systems on OpenShift with DXC Robotic Drive

Deep neural network (DNN) development for self-driving cars is a demanding workload. In this post, we validate DGX multi-node, multi-GPU… 17 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Introducing Low-Level GPU Virtual Memory Management

There is a growing need among CUDA applications to manage memory as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Before CUDA 10.2, the number of options available to… 23 MIN READ