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Autonomous Machines

Estimating Visual Odometry with Prerecorded Stereo Images and the NVIDIA Isaac SDK

The NVIDIA Isaac SDK includes a production-ready, real-time visual odometry solution. According to the KITTI visual odometry algorithm comparison benchmark… 6 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Implementing Robotics Applications with ROS 2 and AI on the NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Deep learning is being adopted in robotics to accurately navigate indoor environments, detect and follow objects of interest, and maneuver without collisions. 9 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Building Robotics Applications Using ROS and NVIDIA Isaac SDK

The Robot Operating System (ROS) offers many software libraries and tools to help build robot applications, including framework, algorithms, sensors… 10 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Enhancing Robotic Applications with the NVIDIA Isaac SDK 3D Object Pose Estimation Pipeline

In robotics applications, 3D object poses provide crucial information to downstream algorithms such as navigation, motion planning, and manipulation. 17 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Improving the NVIDIA Isaac 3D Pose Estimation Model with Feature Map Explorer

As many would probably agree, the development of a winning deep learning model is an iterative process of fine-tuning both the model architecture and… 10 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Developing Robotics Applications in Python with NVIDIA Isaac SDK

The modular and easy-to-use perception stack of NVIDIA Isaac SDK continues to accelerate the development of various mobile robots. Isaac SDK 2020. 14 MIN READ