Autonomous Vehicles

DRIVE Labs: How Multi-View LidarNet Presents Rich Perspective for Self-Driving Cars

This is the latest post in our NVIDIA DRIVE Labs series, which takes an engineering-focused look at individual autonomous vehicle challenges and how NVIDIA… 2 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Get the Inside Track on Building Self-Driving Cars at GTC DRIVE Developer Day

GTC is the place to experience what’s next for AI-powered transportation. And this year, NVIDIA DRIVE customers will get access to even more in-depth sessions… 3 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

DRIVE Labs: How Localization Helps Vehicles Find Their Way

Localization is a critical capability for autonomous vehicles, making it possible to pinpoint their location within centimeters inside a map. 6 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

DRIVE Labs: Detecting Road Markings and Landmarks with High Precision

In this week’s DRIVE Labs, we present the evolution of LaneNet DNN, which delivers high-precision, stable detection of painted lane lines on the road… 4 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

DRIVE Labs: Covering Every Angle with Surround Camera-Radar Fusion

For autonomous driving technology to advance beyond automated assisted driving, it must have reliable, 360-degree surround obstacle perception. 5 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

See the Light: DNN-based Perception for Automatic High Beam Control

AI can now make it easier for cars to see in the dark, while ensuring other vehicles won’t be blinded by the light. 5 MIN READ