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New Sensor Partners Expand Surgical, Ultrasound, and Data Acquisition Capabilities in the NVIDIA Clara Holoscan Platform

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan offers an expanded selection of third-party interface options for video capture, ultrasound research, data acquisition, and connection to legacy medical devices. 5 MIN READ
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Supporting Low-Latency Streaming Video for AI-Powered Medical Devices with Clara Holoscan

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan and Clara AGX Developer Kit accelerates development of AI for endoscopy, laparoscopy, and other surgical procedures. 5 MIN READ
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Accelerating Multiorgan Rendering for Radiology and Radiation Therapy with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan

NVIDIA Clara  Holoscan is the AI computing platform for medical devices that combines hardware systems for low-latency sensor and network connectivity. 13 MIN READ
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Decreasing MRI Scan Times Using Deep Learning with NVIDIA Clara AGX

An intern on the NVIDIA Clara AGX team gives an overview on a deep learning method to remove noise and the Gibbs phenomenon in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). She discusses how this method could allow for reduced scan times in MRI. 5 MIN READ
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Developing End-to-End Real-time Applications with the NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Clara AGX development kit with the us4R ultrasound development system makes it possible to quickly develop and test a real-time AI processing system for ultrasound imaging. 10 MIN READ
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GPU-Accelerated Tools Added to NVIDIA Clara Parabricks v3.6 for Cancer and Germline Analyses

Featuring over 33 accelerated tools for every stage of genomic analysis, NVIDIA Clara Parabricks provides GPU-accelerated bioinformatic pipelines that can scale for any workload. 5 MIN READ