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Democratizing and Accelerating Genome Sequencing Analysis with NVIDIA Clara Parabricks v4.0

The field of computational biology relies on bioinformatics tools that are fast, accurate, and easy to use. As next-generation sequencing (NGS) is becoming... 8 MIN READ
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Scale Cancer Genome Sequencing Analysis and Variant Annotation Using NVIDIA Clara Parabricks 3.8

Bioinformaticians are constantly looking for new tools that simplify and enhance genomic analysis pipelines. With over 60 tools, NVIDIA Clara Parabricks powers... 4 MIN READ
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Boosting Ultrarapid Nanopore Sequencing Analysis on NVIDIA DGX A100

Fast and cost-effective whole genome sequencing and analysis can bring answers quickly to critically ill patients suffering from rare or undiagnosed... 7 MIN READ
Accelerate drug discovery with NVIDIA Clara
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AI and Drug Discovery Q&A: NVIDIA Genomics with Johnny Israeli

The following post provides a deep dive into some of the accomplishments and current focus of drug discovery and genomics work by NVIDIA. A leader in... 12 MIN READ
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Expanding Accelerated Genomic Analysis to RNA, Gene Panels, and Annotation

The release of NVIDIA Clara Parabricks v3.6 last summer added multiple accelerated somatic variant callers and novel tools for annotation and quality control of... 5 MIN READ
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Clara Parabricks 3.7 Brings Optimized and Accelerated Workflows for Gene Panels

The newest release of GPU-powered NVIDIA Clara Parabricks v3.7 includes updates to germline variant callers, enhanced support for RNA-Seq pipelines, and... 7 MIN READ