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Analyzing the RNA-Sequence of 1.3M Mouse Brain Cells with RAPIDS on NVIDIA GPUs

Learn how the use of RAPIDS to accelerate the analysis of single-cell RNA-sequence on a single NVIDIA V100 GPU shows a massive performance increase. 8 MIN READ
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GPU-Accelerated Tools Added to NVIDIA Clara Parabricks v3.6 for Cancer and Germline Analyses

Featuring over 33 accelerated tools for every stage of genomic analysis, NVIDIA Clara Parabricks provides GPU-accelerated bioinformatic pipelines that can scale… 5 MIN READ
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Healthcare - Top Resources from GTC 21

Here are the latest resources and news for healthcare developers from GTC 21, including demos and specialized sessions for building AI in drug discovery… 3 MIN READ
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The Human Genome Center at University of Tokyo Adopts NVIDIA Clara Parabricks for Rapid Genomic Analysis

NVIDIA Clara Parabricks will be available on SHIROKANE, HGC’s fastest supercomputer for life sciences in Japan. 5 MIN READ
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Dancing DNA Revealed in High-Res HPC Simulations

Using the highest-resolution images of a single DNA molecule captured to date, researchers in the U.K. discovered that coiled strands of genetic material twist… 2 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Pipelines v3.5 Accelerates Google’s DeepVariant v1.0

NVIDIA released NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Pipelines version 3.5, adding a set of new features to the software suite that accelerates end-to-end genome sequencing… 2 MIN READ