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Boosting AI Model Inference Performance on Azure Machine Learning

Every AI application needs a strong inference engine. Whether you’re deploying an image recognition service, intelligent virtual assistant, or a fraud... 15 MIN READ
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Model Interpretability using RAPIDS Implementation of SHAP on Microsoft Azure

Machine Learning (ML) is increasingly used to make decisions across many domains like healthcare, education, and financial services. Since ML models are being... 9 MIN READ
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Building NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated Pipelines on Azure Synapse Analytics with RAPIDS

Azure recently announced support for NVIDIA’s T4 Tensor Core Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) which are optimized for deploying machine learning inferencing... 5 MIN READ
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Enabling Scalable User Experiences with Modern Workloads on Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop If you’re supporting the recent influx in remote work, you’ve probably noticed that business applications are more graphics-heavy... 9 MIN READ
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.NET Cloud Computing with Alea GPU

Cloud computing is all about making resources available on demand, and its availability, flexibility, and lower cost has helped it take commercial computing by... 13 MIN READ