Tag: astronomy and astrophysics

Graphics / Simulation

Antarctic Observatory Data, Ray Tracing Advance Astrophysics Research

Scientists are using ray tracing on NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate simulations of subatomic particles by hundreds of times. 2 MIN READ

Accelerating Innovation in Multi-Messenger Astrophysics with GPU-Accelerated Computing

A new paper published in Nature Reviews Physics looks into the best techniques for bringing AI-based processing to multi-messenger astrophysics. 3 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

High School Student Uses AI to Detect Gravitational Waves

Before he could legally drive, high school student Adam Rebei was already submitting jobs on the Blue Waters supercomputer at the National Center for… 3 MIN READ

Nature: Supercharge your Research with a GPU

NVIDIA GPUs power the world's fastest supercomputer, and 20 of the 100 most powerful supercomputing clusters in the world are also powered by them too. 3 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

Using OpenACC to Port Solar Storm Modeling Code to GPUs

Solar storms consist of massive explosions on the Sun that can release the energy of over 2 billion megatons of TNT in the form of solar flares and Coronal Mass… 39 MIN READ

Swinburne Launches New GPU-Accelerated Supercomputer

Swinburne University of Technology officially launched one of the most powerful supercomputers in Australia to help unlock the secrets of the Universe. 2 MIN READ