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Autonomous Machines

Edge Computing in Ethiopia - A Quest for an AI Solution

This is a guest submitted post by Natnael Kebede, Co-founder and Chief NERD at New Era Research and Development Center It was one year ago in a random… 5 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Introducing the NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit

NVIDIA announced the Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit, the ideal hands-on platform for teaching, learning, and developing AI and robotics applications. 2 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Covariant Unveils AI-Powered Warehouse Robots

Pieter Abbeel’s new robotics startup Covariant this week deployed their AI-equipped robot at customer facilities in North America and Europe in the apparel… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

AI Helps Detect Disaster Damage From Satellite Imagery

Manually assessing damage in areas most affected by a disaster is challenging and time-consuming. To help produce more accurate and faster data for rescue… 3 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Yamaha Motor Selects NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

Yamaha Motor just announced they selected the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier platform as the development system to power their upcoming lineup of autonomous machines… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

AI and Drones Help Farmers Detect Crop Needs

Researchers from the University of South Australia recently developed a deep learning system that uses drones to detect areas in agricultural land that require… 2 MIN READ