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Smart Device Brings AI Control to Your Camera

Arsenal, a camera technology startup from Bozeman, Montana, is an intelligent camera assistant that leverages deep learning to determine the optimal settings for the scene you’re shooting.
“Today’s cameras have amazing optics, but they do very little to actually help you take a good photo,” said Ryan Stout, Arsenal’s founder and CEO. “You can go spend a thousand dollars and out-of-the-box it will take worse photos than your smartphone. Arsenal changes that by making your existing camera smarter.”
Using GTX 980 Ti GPUs and cuDNN with the Theano deep learning framework, they trained their neural network on millions of photographs and their metadata – and then by comparing new scenes with its database and adjusting based on 18 different environmental variables, Arsenal enables photographers to get the perfect shot every time.

The Arsenal device launched on Kickstarter this week and already raised over $260,000.
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