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SC20 Demo: Simplifying Application Deployments on HPC Clusters

Many system administrators use environment modules to manage software deployments. The advantages of environment modules are that they allow you to load and unload software configurations dynamically in a clean fashion, while providing end users with the best experience when it comes deploying applications.

However, robustly supporting HPC and deep learning applications with complex dependencies can be challenging. Updating dependencies for one application runs the risk of breaking the dependencies of another application. With so many different users and their computing needs, HPC administrators are often overwhelmed with the amount of time they must spend to install, upgrade, and monitor software.

With this in mind, we developed a flexible, open-source reference design called NGC Container Environment Modules. NGC Container Environment Modules are lightweight wrappers that deploy the latest containers from the NGC catalog, a GPU-optimized hub that offers containers for the latest versions of AI, HPC, and visualization software, using environment modules.

The reference design has several key benefits:

  • Use familiar environment module commands, ensuring a small learning curve and minimal changes to your workflows.
  • Run your applications, leverage all the benefits of containers such as portability, reproducibility, and security.
  • Extract maximum performance from your hardware and software leveraging the latest versions of HPC and Deep Learning application containers from NGC.
  • Get the benefit of flexible, configurable modules that fit seamlessly in your compute environment.

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