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RAPIDS: The Rise of Notebooks Extended

By Taurean Dyer, Technical Product Manager at NVIDIA

As we journey to RAPIDS 1.0, we launched an entire new documentation update ( with our 0.6 release. With our 0.7 release, we are making available a new Notebooks Extended repo on GitHub.

You can think of this as the “RAPIDS Community’s” notebooks. Today, Notebooks Extended adds user-centric restructuring, easy docker integration, and fostering meaningful community interactions.

The Notebooks Extended repository has been structured to provide data practitioners a place to grow their skills and teach others what they’ve learned. It is broken down into 3 skill levels:

  • Beginner: which teaches newcomers how RAPIDS works and what it can do. It contains “hello worlds”, easy to digest examples to aid in transitioning from a CPU workload to a GPU workload, and where we will be posting the “RAPIDS Machine Learning Cookbook” notebook series, spearheaded by Paul Hendricks. Consider it middle to high school level content
  • Advanced: Which helps practitioners piece together their own data pipelines and recipes for their needs by providing sample workflow ideas through examples, blog and conference content, and benchmarking tools with data scientist friendly sets. This should satisfy the IT hobbyist/college to enterprise data scientist level.
  • Expert: where practitioners learn how to unleash the full performance of their RAPIDS workflows. Examples here will showcase best practices to tame real world data, accelerate large scale deployments, and kernel tweaks to boost output. This is enthusiast level content – here be dragons. Go wild.

Easy Docker Integrations

We distribute base RAPIDS via Conda installs and Docker containers, which serve our enterprise users. These containers require everything to be frozen, tested, and always working. But we want Notebooks Extended to be a constantly growing and adapting repository that serve our community. Freezing code wouldn’t work well with the constantly updating stream of community contributions, so Notebooks Extended exists outside of the container. We’ve made it easy to include and stay up to date with Notebooks Extended in your preferred RAPIDS container with 3 easy steps.

Read the full post on the RAPIDS Medium page to see how you can include and stay up to date with Notebooks Extended.

Editors note: This is an abridged version of a post that first appeared on the RAPIDS AI Medium blog.

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