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NVIDIA Introduces Precompiled Driver Packages for RHEL 8 to Streamline Installs

Nvidia is now offering precompiled drivers that are tested and packaged for targeted kernel versions. Precompiled drivers enable faster, seamless installation and driver updates, faster boot-up, and have reduced dependencies on external tools and repositories.

Developers can now take advantage of NVIDIA precompiled drivers quite easily, using our kernel module (kmod) packages and modularity stream support on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (available on RHEL 8.2 and newer on x86_64 architecture).

Leveraging modularity streams on RHEL8 for driver installation will vastly simplify and streamline the deployment of Nvidia drivers overall in complex software environments.

Driver installation and update will no longer be a cumbersome process.

For more details on how to access modularity streams and precompiled driver packages on RHEL, check out the NVIDIA Developer blog, and watch the on-demand GTC session linked below:

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