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More Science, Less Programming with FREE OpenACC Online Course

Interactive lectures, hands-on labs, and live office hours. Learn everything you need to start accelerating your code on GPUs and CPUs. Join HPC industry’s OpenACC experts for a free online course. This course is comprised of four instructor-led classes that include interactive lectures, hands-on exercises, and office hours with the instructors. You’ll learn everything you need to start accelerating your code with OpenACC on GPUs and x86 CPUs. The course will cover introduction on how to parallelize, profile and optimize your code, as well as manage data movements and utilize multiple GPUs.

Accelerated computing is fueling some of the most exciting scientific discoveries today. For scientists and researchers seeking faster application performance, OpenACC is a directive-based programming model designed to provide a simple yet powerful approach to accelerators without significant programming effort. OpenACC also allows the same code to run on multicore CPUs and GPUs.
If you missed the course, all of the classes have been recorded for viewing.
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