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Maximize Your GTC Experience: What to Know Before You Log In

NVIDIA’s GTC always delivers the latest breakthroughs in AI, HPC, data science, graphics, healthcare, government, and this October’s GTC will be no exception. To help maximize your GTC online experience we’ve outlined four actionable steps you can take to prepare for next week’s show.


Organizing your calendar and being on time for all trainings and presentations is still important for online conferences. Be sure to block off your calendar, turn-on your out-of-office, and set session reminders so you can be fully present for each session. Doing so will also help others know you’re participating in an event and either unavailable or will be slow to respond.

You can log in to all GTC live events up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and since all presentations are digital, you can expect them to start and end on time.  


With GTC being online there is ample opportunity for some of the most engaging and informative discussions to occur during each presentation. Since you’re participating in the discussion in real-time, the presenters and moderators can see and react instantaneously to your comments and thoughts without disruption. So don’t be shy – ask away. The more you engage the better your GTC experience will be. We also encourage you to follow our GTC Twitter handle and share your thoughts. You can also schedule one-on-one meetings with our GTC Diamond sponsors and partners listed on our Sponsors page by clicking on any company logo and visiting their interactive exhibitor page. 


Gathering like-minded people in one location is one of the most powerful aspects of GTC and while online events might not be able to completely replicate the face-to-face connections you might have at a physical event, GTC offers several ways you can still connect with peers virtually. Visit our networking page to discover all the ways you can spark new connections and create lasting business relationships with other GTC attendees including Dinner with Strangers, Braindate video chats, and AI Art gallery paint socials. We also encourage you to engage with other attendees using the chat window during each session. You can update your contact data in your attendee profile using the dashboard in the Session Scheduler or the GTC app.


This fall’s GTC offers the flexibility of attending live sessions in a variety of time zones, and sessions from our extensive catalog of on-demand content. We encourage you to look for live events by speakers and instructors that match your interests. Come prepared with your questions and take full advantage of the Q&A section of the presentation. A recording of all GTC live events will be posted to the Session Scheduler 1-hour following the conclusion of the presentation so you can come back at any time to view the content and browse other sessions that may be of interest.

Lastly, don’t forget to prepare your computer setup before you log in to attend GTC– i.e. update your browser, and check that your headphone, webcam, and microphone are all in working order. Once you’re prepared, the only thing left to do is log in using your GTC registration credentials and enjoy the show! 

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