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GTC: Inception Fireside Chat

Hear from NVIDIA’s co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang in the NVIDIA Inception Fireside Chat, an unplugged conversation around topics ranging from NVIDIA’s strategies, to industry trends and developments. Plus, how NVIDIA supports the entire startup ecosystem.

Jeff Herbst, NVIDIA VP of Business Development and Head of Inception, will moderate the panel, which will include questions from CrowdAI CEO Devaki Raj, and Babble Labs CEO Chris Rowen.

The event will take place Tuesday, October 6, at 12pm PDT.

CrowdAI is an image recognition software for transforming images into meaningful insights. When installed in satellites, automated drones and self-driving cars, CrowdAI’s software helps do aerial image mapping and obstacle detection, enabling clients to detect proper shape, size and density of buildings in a hassle-free manner.

BabbleLabs builds advanced speech processing applications using deep neural networks for key use cases in the cloud and embedded systems. The company is tightly focused on speech processing using DNNs. Their applications improve speech quality and recognition in cars, phones, IOT, social media and more.

CrowdAI and BabbleLabs are Premier members of NVIDIA Inception, an acceleration platform for startups, offering go-to-market support, expertise, and technology.

To attend the session, interested parties must register for GTC. Startups can receive a 20% discount on a conference pass by emailing

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