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Google Cloud Announces a Hybrid Platform for NVIDIA GPU Workloads in the Cloud, On-Prem, and at the Edge

Anthos GPU

Launched today, Google Cloud Anthos is an application modernization platform powered by Kubernetes.  For customers looking for a hybrid architecture and dealing with high on-prem demand, Anthos is designed to combine the ease of getting started in the cloud with the security of an on-premises solution.

Google Cloud Anthos allows for a consistent development and operational experience across deployments while reducing expensive overhead and improving developer productivity.  This new really excels when solving ML challenges by using NVIDIA GPU Operator to deploy GPU drivers and software components required to enable GPUs in Kubernetes. And to give developers and infrastructure managers maximum flexibility, GPU compute resources can be on-prem, on GCP, or on other cloud platforms.

Anthos supports current NVIDIA V100 and T4 Tensor Core GPUs allowing customers to take advantage of their existing and future investments in accelerated computing.

To get started check out the User Guide for NVIDIA GPUs with Google Cloud Anthos.

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