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Disney AI System Associates Images with Sounds

Disney Research developed a system that can recognize various objects in videos and automatically add related sound effects, such as a glasses clinking or cars driving down the road.
Using a GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU and the Caffe deep learning framework, the researchers trained their model to recognize the sound of images by feeding it a collection of videos demonstrating an object making a specific sound. More details in their paper, “Suggesting Sounds for Images from Video Collections”.
“Videos with audio tracks provide us with a natural way to learn correlations between sounds and images,” said Jean-Charles Bazin, a research associate at Disney Research. “Video cameras equipped with microphones capture synchronized audio and visual information. In principle, every video frame is a possible training example.”
The tricky part though was for the system to identify which sound is associated with which object.
“Sounds associated with a video image can be highly ambiguous,” said Markus Gross, vice president for Disney Research. “By figuring out a way to filter out these extraneous sounds, our research team has taken a big step toward an array of new applications for computer vision.”

This project is still in the research phase, but you can imagine the various audio image recognition applications it can be applied to.
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