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NVIDIA Launches Storefront in AWS Marketplace to Accelerate and Simplify AI Workflows

Enterprises across industries are adopting AI to drive business growth and they’re relying on cloud infrastructure to develop and deploy their solutions.

To help data scientists and developers simplify their AI workflows, we have collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring NVIDIA NGC software resources directly to the AWS Marketplace. The AWS Marketplace is where customers find, buy and immediately start using software and services that run on AWS.

The NVIDIA NGC catalog provides GPU-optimized AI software for data engineers, data scientists, developers, and DevOps teams so they can focus on building and deploying their AI solutions faster.

More than 250,000 unique users have now downloaded over 1 million of the AI containers, pretrained models, application frameworks, Helm charts and other machine learning resources available on the NGC catalog.

Available free of charge, the software from the NGC catalog is optimized to run on NVIDIA GPU cloud instances, such as the Amazon EC2 P4d instance featuring the record-breaking performance of NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs.

Instant Access to Performance-Optimized AI Software

NGC software in AWS Marketplace provides a number of benefits to help data scientists and developers build AI solutions.

  • Faster software discovery: Through the AWS Marketplace, developers and data scientists can access the latest versions of NVIDIA’s AI software with a single click.
  • The latest NVIDIA software: The NGC software in AWS Marketplace is automatically updated to the latest versions as soon as they’re available in the NGC catalog. The software is constantly optimized, and the monthly releases give users access to the latest features and performance improvements.
  • Simplified software deployment: Users of Amazon EC2, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) can quickly subscribe, pull and run NGC software on NVIDIA GPU instances, all within the AWS console. Additionally, SageMaker users can simplify their workflows by eliminating the need to first store a container in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR).
  • Continuous integration and development: NGC Helm charts are also available in AWS Marketplace to help DevOps teams quickly and consistently deploy their services.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to quickly discover the NGC software and run an object detection service on Amazon EC2 instances.

Accelerate your AI development on NVIDIA GPU-powered AWS services today with the NGC catalog in AWS Marketplace

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