Joey Wang

Zehuan (Joey) Wang is the author and development manager of NVIDIA Merlin HugeCTR and RnnEngine, and manager of the NVIDIA APAC DevTech solution team. He's been in NVIDIA for seven years. Since 2014, Joey has mainly worked on deep learning GPU acceleration. Before that, Joey worked on intelligent video analysis and particle simulation in HPC.

Posts by Joey Wang

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Accelerating Embedding with the HugeCTR TensorFlow Embedding Plugin

The NVIDIA Merlin recommendation system framework introduces an optimized embedding implementation that is up to 8x more performant and is available as a TensorFlow plugin. 12 MIN READ
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Introducing NVIDIA Merlin HugeCTR: A Training Framework Dedicated to Recommender Systems

Click-through rate (CTR) estimation is one of the most critical components of modern recommender systems. As the volume of data and its complexity grow rapidly… 14 MIN READ