William Tsu

William leads the product management of the NVIDIA HGX data center product line. He works with customers and partners to bring the world’s highest performance server platform for AI, deep learning and HPC to market. William originally joined NVIDIA as a graphics processor chip designer. He co-authored the initial PCI Express industry standard specification, and is a co-inventor of 12 patents. William received his B.S, M.S in Computer Science and MBA from University of California, Berkeley.

Posts by William Tsu

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Supercharging the World’s Fastest AI Supercomputing Platform on NVIDIA HGX A100 80GB GPUs

Exploding model sizes in deep learning and AI, complex simulations in high-performance computing (HPC), and massive datasets in data analytics all continue to… 5 MIN READ
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Introducing NVIDIA HGX A100: The Most Powerful Accelerated Server Platform for AI and High Performance Computing

The NVIDIA mission is to accelerate the work of the da Vincis and Einsteins of our time. Scientists, researchers, and engineers are focused on solving some of… 7 MIN READ
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HGX-2 Fuses HPC and AI Computing Architectures

The continuing explosive growth of AI model size and complexity means the appetite for more powerful compute solutions continues to accelerate rapidly. 9 MIN READ