Vukasin Milovanovic

Vukasin Milovanovic is a Senior System Software Engineer at NVIDIA in Santa Clara (USA), where he implements high-performance solutions in the Computer Vision, focusing on Stereoscopy and Video Stitching. He holds an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Posts by Vukasin Milovanovic

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Boosting Data Ingest Throughput with GPUDirect Storage and RAPIDS cuDF

If you work in data analytics, you know that data ingest is often the bottleneck of data preprocessing workflows. Getting data from storage and decoding it can... 14 MIN READ
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VRWorks 360 Video SDK 2.0 Adds Features, Turing Support

An ecosystem of camera systems and video processing applications surround us today for professional and consumer use, be it, for film or home video. The ability... 12 MIN READ