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Tiffany Yeung is a product marketing manager in edge and enterprise computing solutions at NVIDIA. Tiffany focuses on enabling hospitals, stores, warehouses, factories, and more to innovate with NVIDIA edge solutions. Prior to NVIDIA, Tiffany’s background was in entrepreneurship, and she has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies.
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NVIDIA Announces Generative AI Services for Language, Visual Content, and Biology Applications

Generative AI is primed to transform the world’s industries and to solve today’s most important challenges. To enable enterprises to take advantage of the... 5 MIN READ
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Explainer: What Is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is the practice of processing data physically closer to its source. < 1
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Smart Spaces: End-to-End AI Application Boosts Factory Efficiency

Smart spaces are delivering unprecedented value, creating a continuous flow of information between physical and digital worlds.  By incorporating technologies... 4 MIN READ
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Common Challenges with Conducting an Edge AI Proof of Concept

A proof-of-concept (POC) is the first step towards a successful edge AI deployment. Companies adopt edge AI to drive efficiency, automate workflows, reduce... 10 MIN READ
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An IT Manager’s Guide to Deploying an Edge AI Solution

Timing is everything, especially when it impacts your customer experiences, bottom line, and production efficiency. Edge AI can help by delivering real-time... 7 MIN READ
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Explainer: What Is Edge AI and How Does It Work?

Edge AI is the deployment of AI applications in devices throughout the physical world. It’s called “edge AI” because the AI computation is done near the... < 1