Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones is one of the architects of CUDA, working on defining the language, the platform, and the hardware that it runs on, to span the needs of parallel programming from high performance computing to artificial intelligence. Prior to his present position, he lead the Simulation & Analytics group at SpaceX, working on large-scale simulation of rocket engines. He has worked in diverse other industries, including networking, CAD/CAM, and scientific computing. He has been a part of CUDA since 2008.
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Graphic of device-side work scheduler
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Enabling Dynamic Control Flow in CUDA Graphs with Device Graph Launch

CUDA Graphs significantly reduce the overhead of launching a large batch of user operations by defining them as a task graph, which may be launched in a single... 8 MIN READ
Data Science

NVIDIA Ampere Architecture In-Depth

Today, during the 2020 NVIDIA GTC keynote address, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang introduced the new NVIDIA A100 GPU based on the new NVIDIA Ampere GPU... 30 MIN READ