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Robbie is a product marketing manager at NVIDIA who is working to enable adoption of NVIDIA’s game development SDKs, especially Nsight Developer Tools. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Connecticut College.
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Data Center / Cloud

New Video Series: CUDA Developer Tools Tutorials

GPU acceleration is enabling faster and more intelligent applications than ever before, and the CUDA Toolkit is key to harnessing acceleration on NVIDIA GPUs.... 3 MIN READ
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Data Science

New Video Tutorial: Profiling and Debugging NVIDIA CUDA Applications

Episode 5 of the NVIDIA CUDA Tutorials Video series is out. Jackson Marusarz, product manager for Compute Developer Tools at NVIDIA, introduces a suite of tools... 2 MIN READ
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Rendering / Ray Tracing

Speed Up GPU Crash Debugging with NVIDIA Nsight Aftermath

NVIDIA Nsight Developer Tools provide comprehensive access to NVIDIA GPUs and graphics APIs for performance analysis, optimization, and debugging activities.... 5 MIN READ
CUDA abstract image.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 12.2 Unleashes Powerful Features for Boosting Applications

The latest release of NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 12.2 introduces a range of essential new features, modifications to the programming model, and enhanced support for... 8 MIN READ
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Game Engines

Now Available: NVIDIA DLSS 3 for Unreal Engine 5

NVIDIA DLSS 3 is a neural graphics technology that multiplies performance using AI image reconstruction and frame generation. It’s a combination of three core... 6 MIN READ
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Video Streaming / Conferencing

New Video Creation and Streaming Features Accelerated by the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK

For over a decade, NVIDIA GPUs have been built with dedicated encoders and decoders called NVENC and NVDEC. They have a highly parallelized architecture,... 8 MIN READ