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Rachel Allen is a senior cybersecurity data scientist on the Morpheus team at NVIDIA, her focus is the research and application of GPU-accelerated machine learning methods to help solve information security challenges. Prior to NVIDIA, Rachel was a lead data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton where she designed a variety of capabilities for advanced threat hunting and network defense. She holds a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science and a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Virginia.
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GIF of the text, "Check if the code base contains the urllib.parse function." The response is, "The code base does not contain the urllib.parse function."

Applying Generative AI for CVE Analysis at an Enterprise Scale

The software development and deployment process is complex. Modern enterprise applications have complex software dependencies, forming an interconnected web... 11 MIN READ
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From Neuroscience to Data Science: My Road Into Cybersecurity

If you asked a group of cybersecurity professionals how they got into the field, you might be surprised by the answers that you receive. With military officers,... 5 MIN READ

Fingerprinting Every Network User and Asset with NVIDIA Morpheus

Traditional approaches to finding and stopping threats have ceased to be appropriately effective. One reason is the scope of ways an attacker can enter a system... 9 MIN READ
Data Science

Cybersecurity Framework: An Introduction to NVIDIA Morpheus

NVIDIA recently announced Morpheus, an AI application framework that provides cybersecurity developers with a highly optimized AI pipeline and pre-trained AI... 11 MIN READ