Prabhu Ramamoorthy

Prabhu Ramamoorthy is the financial ecosystem partner manager at NVIDIA, where he focuses on quant and AI acceleration for financial services. Previously, he was head of technology at the margin software firm Dash Regtech, catering to leading investment banks. He also served as a director at KPMG/EY, where he helped 100+ financial institutions over the last 10 years. Ramamoorthy holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an undergraduate degree in Engineering from BITS-Pilani, one of the top engineering institutes in India. He is a CFA charterholder, financial risk manager, and chartered alternative investment analyst specializing in financial transformation use cases.
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Generative AI

Accelerating Inference on End-to-End Workflows with and NVIDIA

Data scientists are combining generative AI and predictive analytics to build the next generation of AI applications. In financial services, AI modeling and... 14 MIN READ
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Data Center / Cloud

New Risk Calculation Record in Financial Services with Dell Technologies and NVIDIA H100 System for HPC and AI

End clients are working on converged HPC quant finance and AI business solutions. Dell Technologies, along with NVIDIA, is uniquely positioned to accelerate... 7 MIN READ
Image of GPU on black background with an artful spotlight.
Generative AI

NVIDIA H100 System for HPC and Generative AI Sets Record for Financial Risk Calculations

Generative AI is taking the world by storm, from large language models (LLMs) to generative pretrained transformer (GPT) models to diffusion models. NVIDIA is... 7 MIN READ
Stock board
Data Science

Limit Order Book Dataset Generation for Accelerated Short-Term Price Prediction with RAPIDS

In the high-frequency trading world, thousands of market participants interact daily. In fact, high-frequency trading accounts for more than half of the US... 9 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Send Instant Business Payments with Photon Commerce’s Financial AI Platform  

The business-to-business (B2B) payments ecosystem is massive, with $25 trillion in payments flowing between businesses each year. Photon Commerce, a financial... 5 MIN READ
Data Science

Deep Learning vs Machine Learning Challenger Models for Default Risk with Explainability

Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers often face the dilemma of “machine learning compared to deep learning” classifier usage for their business... 18 MIN READ