Prathap Muthana

Prathap Muthana is a senior product manager at NVIDIA focusing on Video Technologies and Data Center products. He has worked at NVIDIA for over 15 years. Prior to his role as a product manager, Prathap worked in the hardware engineering group focusing on signal integrity, power distribution, and substrate designs. He holds a graduate degree in engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Cornell University.
Prathap Muthana

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Picture of flowers split between VMAF-CUDA at 1424 FPS and CPU at 1034 FPS.
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Calculating Video Quality Using NVIDIA GPUs and VMAF-CUDA

Video quality metrics are used to evaluate the fidelity of video content. They provide a consistent quantitative measurement to assess the performance of the... 14 MIN READ
Person looking at computer screen that has video editing images.
Content Creation / Rendering

New Video Creation and Streaming Features Accelerated by the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK

For over a decade, NVIDIA GPUs have been built with dedicated encoders and decoders called NVENC and NVDEC. They have a highly parallelized architecture,... 8 MIN READ
A side-by-side comparison of two versions of a graphic.
Content Creation / Rendering

Improving Video Quality and Performance with AV1 and NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture

AV1 is the new gold standard video format, with superior efficiency and quality compared to older H.264 and H.265 formats. It is the most recent royalty-free,... 8 MIN READ