Paul Hendricks

Paul Hendricks is a senior solutions architect at NVIDIA, helping retailers with their deep learning and AI initiatives. Paul's background is primarily in retail, and he's spent the past six years working with many Fortune 500 retail companies to implement data science and AI solutions. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Paul worked at Victoria’s Secret as a data scientist, building models to understand customer propensity to purchase and how to optimize assortment in stores. Currently, Paul's research at NVIDIA focuses on using deep learning in intelligent video analytics, NLP, conversational AI, recommendation systems, and machine learning.

Posts by Paul Hendricks

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Interactively Visualizing a DriveTime Radius from Any Point in the US

In this blog post, we’ll explore how RAPIDS’ cuDF, cuGraph, cuSpatial, and Plotly Dash with NVIDIA GPUs can be used to solve these complex geospatial analytics problems interactively. 8 MIN READ
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Best Practices for Using AI to Develop the Most Accurate Retail Forecasting Solution

A leading global retailer has invested heavily in becoming one of the most competitive technology companies around. Accurate and timely demand forecasting for… 16 MIN READ