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Nathan Horrocks is a writer for NVIDIA Research. He focuses on highlighting the amazing research that is being done at NVIDIA labs across the world.
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GIF of woman with hair being manipulated by generative AI.
Generative AI

Latest NVIDIA Graphics Research Advances Generative AI’s Next Frontier

NVIDIA will present 19 research papers at SIGGRAPH, the year’s most important computer graphics conference. 1 MIN READ
Content Creation / Rendering

TIME Magazine Names NVIDIA Instant NeRF a Best Invention of 2022

TIME Magazine named NVIDIA Instant NeRF, a technology capable of transforming 2D images into 3D scenes, one of the Best Inventions of 2022.  “Before... 3 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Research Neural Fields Your Way with NVIDIA Kaolin Wisp

Research on neural fields has been an increasingly hot topic in computer graphics and computer vision in recent years. Neural fields can represent 3D data like... 5 MIN READ
A large compilation of Minecraft videos that MineDojo uses to train the AI
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Building Generally Capable AI Agents with MineDojo

Using video games as a medium for training AI has become a popular method within the AI research community. These autonomous agents have had great success in... 6 MIN READ
High quality instance segmentation done fast and efficiently with DiscoBox.
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Segment Objects without Masks and Reduce Annotation Effort Using the DiscoBox DL Framework

Instance segmentation is a core visual recognition problem for detecting and segmenting objects. In the past several years, this area has been one of the holy... 5 MIN READ
Sionna simulates physical layer and link-level research.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Jumpstarting Link-Level Simulations with NVIDIA Sionna

Even while 5G wireless networks are being installed and used worldwide, researchers in academia and industry have already started defining visions and critical... 6 MIN READ