Nathan Horrocks

Nathan Horrocks is a writer for NVIDIA Research. He focuses on highlighting the amazing research that is being done at NVIDIA labs across the world.

Posts by Nathan Horrocks

A large compilation of Minecraft videos that MineDojo uses to train the AI
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Building Generally Capable AI Agents with MineDojo

NVIDIA is helping push the limits of training AI generalist agents with a new open-sourced framework called MineDojo. 7 MIN READ
High quality instance segmentation done fast and efficiently with DiscoBox.
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Segment Objects without Masks and Reduce Annotation Effort Using the DiscoBox DL Framework

Discobox is a weakly supervised learning algorithm to identify objects without costly mask annotations during training. 5 MIN READ
Sionna simulates physical layer and link-level research.
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Jumpstarting Link-Level Simulations with NVIDIA Sionna

Sionna is a GPU-accelerated open-source library for link-level simulations. 6 MIN READ
Accelerate drug discovery with NVIDIA Clara
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AI and Drug Discovery Q&A: NVIDIA Genomics with Johnny Israeli

NVIDIA is accelerating the field of genomics and drug discovery with the help of GPUs. Learn about the work from the lab lead Jonny Israeli. 12 MIN READ
EditGAN uses AI to edit specific areas of images based off of user input while maintaining the image quality.
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High-precision Image Editing with AI: EditGAN

EditGAN takes AI-driven image editing to the next level by providing high levels of accuracy without sacrificing image quality. 5 MIN READ
GANcraft: A hybrid unsupervised neural rendering pipeline for voxel worlds
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GANcraft: Turning Gamers into 3D Artists

GANcraft is a hybrid neural rendering pipeline to represent large and complex scenes using Minecraft. 4 MIN READ