Mahesh Khadatare

Mahesh Khadatare is a senior CUDA math library engineer and team lead at NVIDIA. His work primarily focuses on new features and performance improvement of Image & Signal processing (NPP) and JPEG (nvJPEG) libraries. Mahesh holds a M.Tech. in electronic computer engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati. After graduating, he joined the Computational research Lab now part of TCS, where he developed high-performance parallel algorithms for image and signal processing.

Posts by Mahesh Khadatare

AI / Deep Learning

Leveraging the Hardware JPEG Decoder and NVIDIA nvJPEG Library on NVIDIA A100 GPUs

According to surveys, the average person produces 1.2 trillion images that are captured by either a phone or a digital camera. The storage of such images… 13 MIN READ