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Michał Zientkiewicz is a senior software engineer at NVIDIA, currently developing DALI. His professional background covers GPU programming, image processing and compiler development. Michał received MSc in Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology.
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Accelerating Medical Image Processing with NVIDIA DALI

Deep learning models require vast amounts of data to produce accurate predictions, and this need becomes more acute every day as models grow in size and... 8 MIN READ
Data Science

Rapid Data Pre-Processing with NVIDIA DALI

This post is an update to an older post. Deep learning models require training with vast amounts of data to achieve accurate results. Raw data usually cannot be... 13 MIN READ
Data Science

Fast AI Data Preprocessing with NVIDIA DALI

Editor's Note: This post has been updated. Here is the revised post. Training deep learning models with vast amounts of data is necessary to achieve accurate... 11 MIN READ