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Ken Museth is a senior director in Simulation Technology and joined NVIDIA in early 2020 when he initiated the development of NanoVDB. He was previously Head of Research & Development in Simulations at Weta Digital, focusing on developing state-of-the-art VFX for the Avatar sequels. He is the creator of VDB and the lead architect of OpenVDB, and the chair of its Technical Steering Committee. Additionally, Ken worked six years for SpaceX on large-scale fluid dynamics simulations of the new Raptor rocket engine. Before joining Weta in 2017, he worked for a decade at DreamWorks Animation and Digital Domain, and prior to that for a decade as a researcher and full professor at Caltech and Linkoping University. He holds a PhD in quantum dynamics from Copenhagen University and has been awarded a Technical Achievement Award from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences . Ken is on the SIGGRAPH 2020 Technical Paper Committee.
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Content Creation / Rendering

Optimizing Large-Scale Sparse Volumetric Data with NVIDIA NeuralVDB Early Access

Building on the past decade’s development of OpenVDB, the introduction of NVIDIA NeuralVDB is a game-changer for developers and researchers working with... 4 MIN READ
Walt Disney Animation Studio's cloud openvdb dataset rendered on the GPU using nanovdb
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Accelerating OpenVDB on GPUs with NanoVDB

OpenVDB is the Academy Award–winning, industry standard library for sparse dynamic volumes. It is used throughout the visual effects industry for simulation... 10 MIN READ