Jocelyn Huang

Jocelyn Huang is a deep learning software engineer at NVIDIA, where she works on the NeMo framework and developing speech models. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, where she received a bachelor's in computer science and master's in machine learning.

Posts by Jocelyn Huang

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Building and Deploying Conversational AI Models Using NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

Read up on three products for building conversational AI: NVIIDA TAO Toolkit, NVIDIA Riva, and NVIDIA NGC collections. 25 MIN READ
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Speeding Up Development of Speech and Language Models with NVIDIA NeMo

As a researcher building state-of-the-art speech and language models, you must be able to quickly experiment with novel network architectures. 7 MIN READ
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Develop Smaller Speech Recognition Models with NVIDIA’s NeMo Framework

As computers and other personal devices have become increasingly prevalent, interest in conversational AI has grown due to its multitude of potential… 7 MIN READ