Justin Luitjens

Justin Luitjens is a Senior member of the Developer Technology team at NVIDIA where he works on accelerating applications on GPUs. He holds a Ph.D in Scientific Computing from the University of Utah.

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AI / Deep Learning

Extracting Features from Multiple Audio Channels with Kaldi

In automatic speech recognition (ASR), one widely used method combines traditional machine learning with deep learning. In ASR flows of this type… 13 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

GPU-Accelerated Speech to Text with Kaldi: A Tutorial on Getting Started

Recently, NVIDIA achieved GPU-accelerated speech-to-text inference with exciting performance results. That blog post described the general process of the Kaldi… 12 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

NVIDIA Accelerates Real Time Speech to Text Transcription 3500x with Kaldi

NVIDIA tested chieved speech-to-text inferencingachieving speech-to-text inferencing 3,524x faster than real-time processing using an NVIDIA Tesla V100. 8 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

CUDA Pro Tip: Always Set the Current Device to Avoid Multithreading Bugs

A simple rule to avoid multithreading bugs in applications that run in parallel on multiple GPUs. 3 MIN READ

Faster Parallel Reductions on Kepler

Parallel reduction is a common building block for many parallel algorithms. A presentation from 2007 by Mark Harris provided a detailed strategy for… 12 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

CUDA Pro Tip: Increase Performance with Vectorized Memory Access

This post demonstrates the use of vectorized memory access in CUDA C/C++ to increase bandwidth utilization while decreasing instruction count. 6 MIN READ